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Tag-it-Yourself™ is a journaling platform that supports the personalization of self-monitoring practices in diabetes. TiY is developed at the Interaction Design Centre (www.idc.ul.ie) and is part of a broader research project called FutureCOMM, which is funded by HEA Ireland under the 4th PRTLI program.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Android + Arduino=one possible future for self-care...

As you might know (see future research section), we envision a future where our TiY app can evolve into a more generic platform for the personalization of self-monitoring practices in any chronic or less-known disease and more. 
One of the key aspect of this future scenario is to extend the data gathering,  production and sharing capabilities beyond the actual smartphone/tablet and the unrealistic idea of manual entry. We refer to this when we talk about the TiY's Internet of things. 

Now, after Google recent release of the Android Accessory API we see this future much closer and up to grab.

Some videos...[1] and [2]

We are ready for this and we are plenty of ideas. We seek collaborations, partnerships and sponsors to build a future of empowered individuals creating their ad hoc network of devices to better deal with the practicalities and intricacies of their chronic conditions (to explore, to learn, to reflect, to understand, to adjust and personalize, to create ad hoc evidence, to care) as well as to better collaborate with a network of formal and informal care givers (to coordinated, to compare, to share, to seek advise and confirmation, to feel empowered, and so on...).

Monday, 21 March 2011

How to use the Graph - Tag it Yourself

This is our last video tutorial. It shows how to use the Graph tool and how to customize your preferences.